We believe that the nutrition we get from our food plays a huge part in maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind.

Fresh food should contain the bulk of our requirements, but sometimes the stresses of modern living mean that supplements can make a difference. We will explore all the latest information and knowledge that we can find to help you make up your own mind on what works best for you.

 We can say for certain that lots of fresh vegetables and wholemeal carbohydrates and grains should form the basis for a healthy diet.

Added to that should be modest amounts of protein (including meat and fish) and fruit, alongside good fats such as olive oils and even a reasonable amount of butter and cheese. We think that yoghurts are great, but only those without additives such as fruit flavours, and goats and sheeps cheeses not only taste wonderful but get that calcium into the body.

And finally, we believe that modest amounts of good wine have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, and enhance the flavours of a great meal.

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