Market news for Sat 7th Sep and Sat 14th 2013

05 September 2013

Market takes place at Slaney Close, Dublin Industrial Estate from 9.30 to 4pm as usual on both Sats. News on who will be trading can be found by clicking on the title above...

AWAY this week 7/9 Blas na Talun, Improper Butter, Neals Yard Remedies

BACK this week 7/9 - Mexican Shop, Sticky Fingers GF Bakery, Big Red Kitchen, The Fat PEACH Truck

PLEASE NOTE For St 7th, the Cafe will only be serving teas/coffees and sweet treats, no hot food available - back to normal service on the 14th

AWAY 14/9 - Blas na Talun, Sticky Fingers

BACK 14/9 - Improper Butter, Neals Yard Remedies