Wine Tasting Evening

02 October 2009

We had our first open wine tasting evening on the 1st of October 2009. The Seminar Room was full of enthusiastic wine tasters, who sampled six of our wines, enjoyed them thoroughly, as well as being entertained by Colm's stories about the wines and the people who grow them. Everyone also enjoyed the cheese tasting, from the current crop of cheeses available at Sheridans Cheesemongers.

The wines sampled included our excellent quality Cava, alongside a couple of our newest Italian wines from the Valori vineyard, and our ever popular Rioja. Not forgetting our classic Pouilly Fuisse (the pronunciation of which caused a major discussion at one of the tables!) and we finished off with a lovely glass of Plan de Dieu. Cheeses included - Gab i Tou from the French Basque region, a lovely Goats cheese from Killeen's in Galway, a perfectly ripe Brie de Meaux, and then followed with some mature Gruyere and Pecorino, which complemented the red wines beautifully.