H2G Pantry

Image of H2G Pantry

For those store-cupboard essentials

The Pantry at Honest2Goodness Market stocks all those store-cupboard items that are important to be able to produce a great meal at the drop of a hat! We specialise in spices and handy stocks of products that allow you to prepare that mid-week meal with little trouble and maximum taste.We also sell  a range of Irish Cheeses, ice-cream, rice pastas, tahini, coconut milk as well as packs of Ariosa coffee, Kingfisher Teas, and our own imported olive oils. We have a growing range of organic & gluten free storecupboard items including beans, pulses and grains, flour, crackers, passata, with more to come! Check out our growing array of different high-quality Irish Dairy products including raw milk, organic milk, buttermilk, yogurt,  mascarpone cheese, quark, alongside staples such as KerryGold Butter. All there so that visits to the supermarket can be minimised to once a month