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Honest2Goodness Indoor Farmers Market

136a Slaney Close, Dublin 11

Reviewed by Neil M.

A gorgeous Autumn day in Dublin, prompted me to hopping on my bike and making the cycle along Griffith Avenue to the Honest 2 Goodness Indoor Market in Glasnevin.  Having read a bit about the market online I brought my shopping bag with me so I could thrown in a few goodies.  

They had a bike rack inside the market and I was  welcomed by BrĂ­d who runs the market.  She was so friendlly to me and very informative on all the stalls and products on sale in the market and then let me get on with exploring.  

The array of stalls is excellent and this market seems to have the right balance between a place to do your shopping and also a place to enjoy an afternoon browsing.  

I purchased a sholuder of Lamb from a farmer based near Oldcastle in Co. Meath. I bought some fresh veg which were excellent value. I bought some sea bass from a fishmonger from Galway and I bought a tub of the curry Dhanzak Curry sauce which even has the Weight Watchers points marked out for you.  Dhanzak is a healthy 2 point.  

All of the stalls had informative friendly and passionate people working behind them who allowed you to browse without being anyway pushy.  

After my shopping I then enjoyed some homemade soup with some lovely bread for 2 euro 50 and a gorgeous cup of coffee for 2 euro.  Great value, and a huge library of magazines and books to browse as you enjoy your coffee.  They also sell cakes, and a main meal and a selection of teas.  There was also a charity bookstall and the selected charity this week was Our Ladys Childrens Hospital.  

All in all a great Saturday afternoon well spent. I would highlly recommend anybody to check this market out.  

Oh the cycle back through the leave covered Griffith Ave. was gorgeous and reminded me of Boston this time last year.  The colours were amazing.

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Other market customer feedback:

 Honest2Goodness I look forward to Saturday morning when I go to the market!  The produce is consistently excellent and it's a real bonus to shop in such a friendly atmostphere where the stallholders greet you with a smile, get to know your preferences and will do their best to source something for you if it's not available .  


I came because I passionately believe in smashing the stranglehold supermarket chains have over our food supply almost as much as I passionately believe in jumping in my car and doing one stop shopping. I’m staying cause I like meandering around somewhere with real food and sound people and pretending like I live in the country. ‘Afternoon Mick, fabulous sprouts there last week boy, keep up the good work’. Stuff like that.



I shop at the market because the quality is excellent but so too is the value.
I think people often think that shopping at a farmers market is only for the better off this is not true of the Honest2goodness market where many of the products are actually the same price if not cheaper than their equivalent in a supermarket.


 Hi to All

I have been coming to the market for the past 6 months. I look forward each Saturday to getting my fresh fish from Cawleen  ( not too sure of spelling, sorry Cawleen ) Saturday is now fish day in our home both for lunch and dinner. I was never a lover of monk fish but after tasting Cawleen's  I have been converted big time. All of the fish is delightful. What can one say about Jim;s meat except that it is wonderful to know where and how our animals are  fed and cared for by real farmers. Jim. Ray and Anthony are a great asset to the market, nothing is a bother to them. The veggies are terrific, and keep fresh so much longer than supermarket ones. What can we say about the Spud Man only that he is THE MAN. The girls in the pantry are great in fact it would be hard to pick out any individual as the market is a very open and friendly place to spend a couple of hours, I love the tables and the play area for the children. It makes a very happy atmosphere. Keep up the good work and roll on Saturday


One good thing about the market that is not food is the Charity Book stall. As a readerholic I love this facility and it helps Charities. I love the opportunity to taste the different options before I buy¬


Just to say I found out about the Market purely by a chance programme on TV3. I have paid numerous visits and each time I enjoy it more.  The value and quality is excellent and it is important to support our own grown and reared!

Also I have found the coffee shop an excellent way to pass away an hour browsing  with a beautiful coffee and scone.

Well done and keep up the hard work