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Masciarelli is one of the most important wine producers in central-eastern Italy. They own vines planted in 13 individual vineyards across 4 regions of Abruzzo.
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Chateau du Haut-Mayne
This Chateau is owned by the Larrieu family. They own 17hA of vines, planted with Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle.
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Barone Montalto
Located near Trapani in Sicily, where numerous microclimates exist to give a wonderful balance of power and complexity, Montalto produces wine with an excellent quality to price ratio.
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Bodegas Biurko
Bodegas Biurko are based in Rioja Alavesa and only use grapes selected from their own hand-tended vines.
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Cellar Batea
Cellar Batea are based in Terra Alta, Catalunya and are a co-operative of growers focussing on the local indigenous varieties such as Garnacha Blanco & Negra mixed with a sprinkling of international grape varieties.
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