Bodegas Fernandez de Arcaya

Image of Bodegas Fernandez de Arcaya

Located in the North Western section of Navarra, just over the border from Rioja,on the edge of the town of Los Arcos. The vineyards have been in the Arcaya family since 1846.

Vineyard Area : 100 hA.

Grapes Grown : Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot.  

Modern technology meets ancient traditions and techniques, the cellar dates back to Roman times and temperature controlled stainless steel fermenting vats lie side by side with oak barrels. All yeasts used in fermentations are wild to ensure individuality and personality in the wine.

In the vineyards there is an excellent micro-climate, with vines over 20 years old located at 460M above sea level benefiting from warm air from the Ebro river valley regulated by cool breezes from the nearby Codes Mountains.

Annual production is now 500,000 bottles.

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