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 Honest2Goodness (or H2G for short) is only around since 2009, so our wine portfolio is based on hard work over the past four years to source exciting and interesting wines based on quality, passion and affordability.

Luigi Valori of Valori wines Abruzzo, checking his tanks in October 2012

As a family business ourselves, it is natural for us to work with family wine producers in Europe, mainly in Italy, France and Spain. We like to develop long-term relationships with our wholesale customers, working with them to understand what they need from us to develop their businesses.

We wholesale to independent wine shops, wine /tapas bars and restaurants across Ireland. We are working with an increasing number of restaurants where food provenance, local seasonal menus and quality shine through everything that is produced in their kitchens.

What makes our wines different?

  • Small to medium Family Producers
  • No brands - you won't see these wines in the supermarkets
  • 30% of the range is Organic or produced practising organic principles
  • Unlike mass produced wines they are not produced with lots of residual sugar
  • Produced with low yields - many of the wines are made with vines that produce 0.5-1 btl/vine
  • Produced with old vines
  • Reflective of the terroir and the place they come from and the mineral soil the vines are grown in.

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