Brid Carter

Brid heads up the food and markets end of the business.

She moved away from the public sector in 2007, following a long career as an IT professional and policy maker.

Having started her cooking interest at the age of 6, it was an obvious direction to take when planning her next career.

A passionate believer in the nutritional value and taste of good ingredients, the setting up of a farmer's market has been a natural progression.

Always interested in innovation, she also loves experimenting with new ingredients and new combinations of old classics, so is constantly developing new recipes - but of course she never follows them herself next time around!

Wine Heaven : Well-sourced red and white Bordeaux & Burgundy, strong, dark wines from Cahors and southern Italy, Pinot Gris, Gruner Veltliner, nice drop of our Cava sitting in the back garden.

Wine Hell : Warm white wine, sharp acidic wines with no fruit to balance them, and wines produced in unsustainable locations!

Food Heaven : Perfectly fresh fish off the BBQ with lemon juice and garlic, served with green beans and new potatoes.

Food Hell: Cream coconut biscuits with very strong tea laced with milk and sugar.